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HOMEMADE SOUP OF THE DAY (GF*)                                                             £6.95

With Farmhouse Bread and Butter

CRISPY DUCK SPRING ROLLS                                                                            £7.95

With an Asian salad, Hoi Sin and Sweet Chilli Sauce                                                     

THAI FISHCAKES                                                                                                   £8.95

With An Asian Salad and Sweet Chilli Sauce

MUSHROOMS WITH SMOKED BACON (GF*)                                                   £8.95

In a Creamy White Wine and Garlic Sauce on a Toasted Ciabatta

SLOW ROASTED PORK SPARE RIBS (GF)                                                         £9.95    

In a Rich Oriental Sauce Served with Asian Salad

DEEP-FRIED BRIE                                                                                                 £7.95

With a Cranberry and Port Dip and Salad Garnish

PRAWN COCKTAIL (GF*)                                                                                     £7.95

North Atlantic Prawns in a Marie Rose sauce and Granary Bread

DUCK LIVER & ORANGE PATE (GF*)                                                                £7.95

With Homemade Chutney and Toast

DEEP-FRIED WHITEBAIT                                                                                   £8.95

With Lemon Mayonnaise, Salad Garnish and Granary Bread

BRUSCHETTA WITH MOZZARELLA                                                                 £7.95

Toasted Ciabatta Bread Topped with Chopped Red Onion, Tomato and Mozzarella

ORIENTIAL PLATTER                                                                                        £11.95

Marinated Pork Spare Rib, Duck Spring Roll and Thai Fishcake with Asian Salad and Prawn Crackers



CRISPY ROASTED DUCK BREAST (GF)                                                           £19.95        

With a Soy, Sweet Chilli and Pineapple Sauce, Served with Sauteed Potatoes and Pan-Fried Asian Salad

CRISPY LOCAL BELLY PORK (GF)                                                                    £19.95

Slow Cooked Crispy Belly Pork with a Cider and Mustard Sauce, Served with Mashed Potatoes and Fresh Vegetables

OVEN BAKED LASAGNE                                                                                     £17.95

With a Local Lean Minced Beef in a Rich Tomato Sauce, Served with Garlic Ciabatta Bread, and a Fresh Salad

STEAK AND ALE PIE                                                                                           £18.95

Tender Pieces of Local Beef, Slow Cooked in An Ale Gravy and Topped with Puff Pastry, Served with Hand-cut Chips and Fresh Vegetables

ITALIAN CHICKEN                                                                                              £18.95

Italian Herb Marinated Chicken Breast served on Tagliatelle, with a Creamy Mushroom, Bacon and Garlic Sauce and Fresh Parmesan

CHICKEN SUPREME (GF)                                                                                  £18.95

Chicken breast Filled with Cheddar Cheese Wrapped in Smoked Bacon with a White Wine, Thyme and Mushroom Sauce Served with Sauteed Potatoes and Fresh Vegetables

CREAMY CHICKEN CURRY (GF*)                                                                   £18.95

Tender Pieces of Chicken in a Homemade Mildly Spiced Curry Sauce, served with Boiled Rice, Hand-cut Chips and Naan bread



GRILLED FILLET OF SALMON (GF)                                                                £18.95

With Lemon and Parsley Crushed Potatoes, a White Wine and Dill Cream and Fresh Vegetables

FRESH SEAFOOD PLATTER (GF)                                                                    £19.95

A Selection of our Seafood of the day with a Creamy White Wine and Dill Sauce Served with Sauteed Potatoes and Fresh Vegetables

BATTERED HAKE                                                                                                £18.95

Battered Whole Fillet of Hake with Tartare Sauce Served with Hand-cut Chips, Garden Peas and Salad

FRESH FILLETS OF SEABASS (GF)                                                                       £19.95

Grilled Fillets of Seabass with a Ratatouille Served with Sauteed Potatoes


HUW BEAVAN’S PORK CHOP (GF*)                                                                  £21.95

Local Farmhouse Pork Chop with a Brandy Pepper Sauce, Mushrooms, Grilled Tomato, Black Pudding and Hand-cut Chips

12oz GAMMON STEAK (GF)                                                                               £18.95

Gammon Steak with Egg or Pineapple, Grilled Tomato, Mushrooms served with Hand-cut chips and salad garnish

LOCAL LAMB CHOPS (GF)                                                                                  £19.95

Grilled Lamb Chops with a Port and Rosemary Sauce served on a Bed of Spring Onion Mashed Potatoes and Fresh Vegetables

BEEF BURGER                                                                                                      £17.95

Beef Burger with Cheese, Bacon and Barbecue Sauce in a Brioche Bun Served with Fries and Salad


12oz RUMP STEAK                                                                                               £22.95

10z SIRLOIN STEAK                                                                                             £26.95

12oz RIBEYE STEAK                                                                                            £29.95

8oz FILLET STEAK                                                                                               £31.95

All our Steaks are Served with Mushrooms, Grilled Tomato, Hand-cut Chips and a Salad Garnish


Choice of Homemade Sauces (GF)                                                                           £4.50

Creamy Mushroom, Bacon, and Garlic

Cider and Mustard

Brandy Pepper




Garlic Ciabatta                                                                                                                  £4.50

Garlic Ciabatta with Cheese                                                                                             £5.00

Ciabatta Roll                                                                                                                      £1.50

Battered Onion Rings                                                                                                       £4.50

Fresh Pan-fried Mushrooms                                                                                             £4.00

Fresh Side Salad                                                                                                                £3.00

Fresh Vegetables of the Day                                                                                             £4.00

Side of Sauteed Potatoes                                                                                                   £4.50

Side of Hand-cut Chips                                                                                                     £4.50


If you have allergen queries or any dietary requirements please don’t hesitate to ask (GF) Gluten Free (V) Vegetarian (VE) Vegan (GF*) Gluten Free on Request (VE*) Vegan on Request